10 Jun

Big Bear Threshold Choir

Music possesses a stirring power not expressed through anything else. At any stage of life, songs can encourage, rejuvenate, and bless the soul. The singers of the Threshold Choir in Big Bear recognize this power and gently share it among those at the threshold between life and the beyond.

Last week, the local choir visited Molly, a 105 year old elder and showered her with sweet song. Donabeth, the organizer of the local Threshold Choir, shared that Molly “supposedly couldn’t talk, but she opened her eyes and said ‘Thank you’ repeatedly. It was an amazing experience for all of us.”

Threshold Choir Big Bear

We are glad to be among a community that honors our elders and look forward to supporting the local Threshold Choir. For more information about the Threshold Choir, visit thresholdchoir.org. Contact Donabeth Houx for more information about being a part of our local choir (contact info to come).