RN Case Manager

Availability: Part-Time
Compensation: Please email info@bearvalleyhospice.com for details.
Brief Job Description: The Registered Nurse Case Manager plans, organizes and directs hospice care and is experienced in nursing, with emphasis on community health education/experience. The professional nurse builds from the resources of the community to plan and direct services to meet the needs of individual and families within their homes and communities. During the initial start up period, we will be seeking Medicare accreditation. This process may take up to 12 months. During this time the work load will be minimal, approximately 2 – 5 hours a month. This position will help assist other RNs in doing admission and periodic follow up assessments. The estimated patient census during this time will be 2 – 3 active patients per month. After a Medicare Provider ID is obtained, the work load will increase as the census grows. The founding medical director and administrator has over 12 years experience in hospice care and will support and guide this position during the entire process as needed.
Qualifications: Registered Nurses shall have a minimum of (a) one [1] year of experience as a professional nurse within the last three [3] years; or (b) have a baccalaureate degree in nursing from a program accredited by the National League for Nursing and a current RN license.

If interested, please fill out and submit the following application to info@bearvalleyhospice.com.

Application Form