Getting Started: Patient, Family, or Caregiver

Call us at Bear Valley HospiceMaking the decision to enroll in hospice is never an easy one, but when you or a loved one are ready, we want to make the process as simple as possible. Following are a basic list of steps.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (909) 281-2550.

1. Request current doctor to make a referral

Request a doctor involved in the persons care to initiate a referral by calling (909) 281-2550 or faxing (909) 281-2551 with the patient’s name and contact information and a request for hospice eval and admission. If the person does not currently have a physician caring for them, our hospice doctor can conduct an evaluation and make the referral.

2. Hospice Phone Verification

Less than 24 hours:
Hospice staff will contact the patient or designated decision maker to confirm eligibility.

3. Home Visit and Enrollment

Day 1:
A nurse or physician will make a home visit to discuss hospice care and complete the process to enroll into the hospice benefit.

4. Comprehensive Care Plan is developed

Day 1 – 2:
A comprehensive care plan addressing all the needs of the patient and family will be prepared and implemented. Hospice members (nurse, home health aides, social worker, chaplain, medical director, volunteers) will be assigned as necessary.